Easily improve patient satisfaction in one step.


TrustPower™ collects patient feedback, automates regular monthly communications and works to protect your online reputation, so your business can thrive.



Help Yourself & Your Patients…

Survey Patients, Send E-Newsletters and Request Online Reviews on Autopilot… With TrustPower


Automate The 3 Elements That Build Trust.


(1) Patient Feedback Surveys

(2) Email Communications

(3) Online Reviews & Testimonials

Get Data That Really Matters

Are You In The Dark?

Collecting feedback from your patients gives you access to powerful data. Easily spot trends that directly impact your long-term success.

Our secure online surveys can be completed on a mobile device (Ipad) or simply give patients the handout cards we provide, so they can take a survey at home.

TrustPower comes ready with a customizable survey. Patient feedback is stored in a secure database giving you real-time access to satisfaction ratings, so you always know how patients feel about your services. Customer Surveys: 5 Things You Need To Know


Expand Your Reach

Are You Front of Mind?

By providing value based information to current and past patients, your services stay at the forefront of their minds when making referrals to friends & family. Our email system sends interesting health and wellness tips to your patient subscribers every month. The newsletters are branded with your logo. You may also login and edit, delete or load your own newsletter content as you wish. Our provided health and wellness tips are reviewed by a medical advisory board for accuracy and timeliness. See Data From Pew Research



Build Social Proof

Are You Protecting Your Credibility?

Online reviews are the way potential patients gage the overall quality of your facility. When your patients complete a TrustPower survey they are automatically sent an email asking them to share their experience online. TrustPower then asks if they had a positive or negative experience. Our unique process protects your reputation while allowing you to proactively request online reviews.




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